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'Tis the Season for Event Rentals

After working hard all year, grinding away behind our desks, at home, or at a location for events, you have earned some rest. But if you would like to continue being productive in anticipation of a later break, the holiday season can make production equipment hard to access. Luckily, SAS Movie Studio steps in with a solution. SAS is an industry leader with fifteen years in the business. We provide an endless array of event equipment from our inventory which has taken many years to accumulate. Offering everything from staging, lights, smoke, and fire machines, trussing and rigging equipment, all at affordable prices. Let me guide you through the quality of event equipment rental we can gift you.

With offices in California, Kentucky, and Tennessee, SAS Movie Studio provides access to event rental equipment at an interstate level. We bring the equipment to your production site to ensure your event is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Starting with staging, SAS Movie Studio has an immense list of staging options for your next event, including bill jaxes, steel decks, and wood stages. For special events and productions, SAS offers a 4x4 bill jax riser. Among the selection of decks, we offer round decks, triangle decks, and stair railing. Our clients are also more than welcome to contact us to inquire about custom shapes and sizes. Steel decks provide strength and dependability needed at any production site. SAS Movie Studio offers them at affordable prices and for all-size productions and events.

A couple of examples of why we proudly provide our services: “I would treat these guys like a one-stop shop! Just call and ask them what you need and they'll probably have everything.” Jay D. (Yelp Reviews). Jay is just one of our many satisfied clients. Acza Mar says “Can't beat their pricing and were very accommodating.” (Google reviews).

SAS Movie Studio offers the best in lighting. Our selection includes moving headlights, skylight lighting, and LED sticks. Our RGB moving/ spinning headlights are outstanding for raves, parties, events. They are XLR controlled and have a variety of colors to choose from. Skylights are another popular lighting choice for concerts, raves, and other event production. Our lights are computer integrated and have light beams that can shoot over half a mile in distance. We offer a vast selection of RGB light wands. They are flexible, user-friendly, and safe. The very versatile LED sticks to range from color temperatures 2600K to 12000K (warm to cold), with customizable brightness, and up to 1100 Lux (0.5M). Lights are only one of many layers present at a successful event.

Pair your lights with fire or fog machines to elevate the ambiance of your event. Our production equipment catalog includes RGB pro foggers, which can add an air of mystery to your next holiday event or other event production. The fogger features an output distance of up to 6m, a heat-up time of 8 minutes, and can be controlled with remote or wire controls. Flying foggers could be another addition to your set to channel a theatrical or nightclub atmosphere. 18000 cubic m can be released by the flying fogger after rapidly heating up. Along with foggers, high-quality, low-consumption hazers are offered. It is quiet and very efficient. It is important to note that the fog juice is not included but can be added for extra. Why stop at fog when you can add fire to your sets or stages? The newest, most professional flame machine is available to you via our inventory. Reliable and stable, the machine uses liquified gas to spray. It is best suited for television performances, medium to large outdoor concerts. Add an edgier effect with color oil to spray or keep things classic with regular oil. Either way, you can create stunning imagery with our fire machines.

To get the desired lighting and more visual effects, consider our immense range of trussing. Being one of our most favorable offerings, allow us to help with your staging by impeccably equipping you. We offer custom theatrical rigging by providing any shape you would like. SAS is fully stocked and ready to pull from our inventory, which has taken years to amass. Among our offerings, you will find 12" box trusses, 12" circular box trusses, 12" ladder-spigoted trusses, 36"x24" super trusses, 6" box trusses, A12-25 line array tower. Feel free to refer to our website for more detailed information on our catalog or to request a custom quote.

If you are searching for resources to access event production equipment, even during the holidays, look no further. SAS Movie Studio and Rentals truly is a one-stop shop for production equipment rentals. With decades of experience, a massive selection of equipment inventory, and the ability to transport said equipment to wherever you desire, we are the go-to option. Our assortment and quality of staging, lighting, trussing, gripping, and more equipment speak for themselves. Our affordable prices cement our favorability; while the trust the industry has in us can be seen in our history. Let us deliver you the gift of an outstanding production experience this holiday season.

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