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An evergrowing company that dominates the movie industry, providing inconceivable amounts of equipment, most affordable price rates, and located in multiple states, SAS has become the ultimate one-stop shop studio for filmmakers. Multiple studios owned and co-owned by SAS for movies, location shoots, construction, and base camps for any size film productions. We offer heavy rental equipment, AC, heating units, all-size generators, entertainment staging for all your production needs.

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SAS Tennessee has the largest equipment, crew, and production value on the east coast! Our teams coordinate through divisions with SAS Los Angeles Division and SAS Kentucky and many others across the states to create the best quality production for our customers! The finest and largest collection of trucks, trailers, and semitrucks based in Tennessee that travel intrastate for any size productions, carrying all-you-need equipment!

SAS Tennessee


SAS Kentucky will be the primary location for a large-scale feature film project coming soon! Horse Cave Town was built to become on e of the nation's largest sets for many future productions. With a real massive-scale cave, buildings with whole floors for sets, a restaurant, and living quarters, SAS Kentucky Division provides all-you-need spaces and locations for your production needs!

SAS Kentucky


SAS Los Angeles Division has the biggest rental department all across Southern California! You will never find a studio that has literally everything! Movie production generators, LED lights, Tungsten lights, HMI lights, staging, lifts, DIT stations, equipment, trucking and with much more, SAS Los Angeles has truly become the one-stop shop for any production needs!

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A division dedicated on providing the best production equipment to any size productions! 

SAS Rentals guarantees the best price at over 3 states!

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SAS Casting is a brand new division by SAS Movie Studio! Created with the largest non-union talent pool in the states, SAS Casting provides the most opportunities for multiple projects that include featured films, commercials, music videos, TV shows, photoshoots, etc. 

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Devoted to work efficiently and effectively!

SAS Moving Company stems out from our parent company to offer the most affordable pricing for your next interstate or intrastate move!

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